For those interested, Workers’ Compensation is a type of insurance that is held by employers who give benefits to workers who’ve become injured while performing their job. For those who’ve been injured on the job, you have rights and are entitled to certain benefits. According to the United States Department of Labor, Workers’ compensation seeks to provide the following:

  • Vocational rehab

  • Wage replacement benefits

  • Medical treatment

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Types Of Injury Cases We Handle:

  • Pre-existing injuries or disabilities

  • Disfigurement or scarring

  • Neck and back injuries

  • Arm and leg injuries

  • Hand and foot injuries

  • Finger and toe injuries

  • Eye injuries

  • Deafness or hearing loss

  • Repetitive motion injuries

  • Death claims

  • Auto accidents on the job

  • Third-party claims

Filing a Claim:

  • Requirements of notice to the employer

  • Time limits for filing claims

  • Do I need a lawyer?

  • What will a lawyer charge me?

  • Leaving the case open

  • Reopening (on change of condition)

  • Asistencia en Español


  • What is workers' compensation?

  • Who qualifies for coverage?

  • Recourse against uninsured employers

  • Retaliatory discharge or wrongful termination

Medical Assistance:

  • May I see my own doctor?

  • Do I have to see the company doctor?

  • May I get a second opinion?

  • Certified workplace medical plans

  • How are medical costs paid?

Monetary Benefits:

  • Income benefits for lost wages

  • How long before benefits begin?

  • How is amount of weekly benefits determined?

  • How long am I entitled to weekly benefits?

  • Compensation for pain and suffering


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